Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holidays - Vintage Sled

Hello! Last month I described how I got this  sled at an estate sale. Today I added a bit of decoration to it and placed it on our front porch. Here's how it turned out:

This was a very quick and inexpensive project to put together. All I did was wire some pine tree branches to the sled, cut up an old tablecloth into two strips, sewed them to together to make one long "ribbon", tied the ribbon into a bow, then attached the two snowflakes. The tablecloth and the snowflakes were thrift store finds; one dollar total. That tablecloth made for a ribbon that's more floppy-looking than wired ribbon would be but still looks okay. I liked using snowflakes because I can keep them on the sled if I want to use it as winter decor after Christmas is over. Then all I would have to do is change ribbon color and remove the branches. 

Anyway, not a bad first effort at vintage sled decor!

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