Monday, November 21, 2011

Thrifty Acres - Vintage Sled

Hello! Attended an estate sale last week. I'm always hopeful I'll find interesting vintage finds at such events. Not too much in the way of older stuff, although I was touched by a box of handmade ornaments in the basement - they looked as if they'd been made by someone's grandchildren. I found that sweet.

However, on the enclosed front porch, I found this:

I'm not sure how old this sled is, but the folks at classify "vintage" as anything older than 20 years old. A woman running the sale, who is the daughter of the couple whose estate was being liquidated, told me that she remembers using the sled in the 1960's. Therefore, vintage it is!

Vintage sleds have been popular for awhile now as a decorative item. I've seen them out on front porches at Christmastime, usually decked out with ribbon and evergreen branches. I have wanted the same look for our rather plain-Jane front porch, but am too cheap to pay the $10.00-$15.00 dollars our thrift stores charge for such items. 

So when the woman said she'd take $5.00 for it, I was glad to buy it. It's in decent shape; just needed some dirt and dust cleaned off. I look forward to decorating it and putting it out on our front porch - but not until after Thanksgiving!


  1. My folks have one or two of these sleds up in the rafters of their garage. I think I had one at the house once. Didn't decorate it or anything. I might have to do that one of these years. Great find!

  2. It's cool that your folks kept those old sleds! I'm not expecting that my sled will take long to decorate, unless I want to fuss with it. It's really more for "atmosphere"!