Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holidays - Downtown Holland

Hello! I happen to live in a place that has a very nice downtown, and it seems especially nice at Christmastime. So I took a number of photos yesterday to show off here. 

My photo tour begins here:

I sat in the lobby of Alpenrose restaurant awaiting the arrival of a friend for lunch. The rest of the interior is as cozy as the lobby looks, so I especially like to come here in the cooler weather months. And the Alpenrose remains a personal favorite because it was the very first restaurant I ever ate at in Holland - that was just a few days before Christmas 10 years ago. 

After a delicious lunch (I devoured the Michigan Melt sandwich while my friend enjoyed her Pear and Butternut Salad) and great conversation, I continued on my photo shoot. The remaining shots are all exteriors, and in most cases I had to snap my camera quickly due to shoppers and cars going by. As long as it's not blizzarding outside, downtown Holland is a popular place!

This banner is part of the downtown area's holiday decorations that debuted a couple of weeks ago. The traditional reds and greens were eschewed in favor of a trendy color scheme. It took me awhile to get used to it. 

Window at Fustini's, which sells fancy olive oils and vinegars. 

Colorful ribbons at Thistle Gallery, one of several art galleries in the downtown district.

Another one of the new decorations, set in a planter.

I think this window is at Moynihan's, which sells art and gifts. I liked the French soaps shown, as I am a sucker for fancy soaps. 

The Peanut Store, which day in and day out is probably one of the most popular downtown stores. Lots of yummy candies and nuts. 

Display at The Seasoned Home, which specializes in herbs and spices. I bought some powdered cloves after snapping the photos. 

Post's Jewelers, which I believe is closing soon due to retirement. 

Just the gift to overcome an over-indulgence of Christmas cookies and eggnog:  a pair of new fitness shoes from Gazelle Sports!

Cute Christmas trees at JB and Me - home of chic women's clothes, jewelry and the items listed on the window. 

I love the selection of magazines at Reader's World! I've purchased a few of the holiday issues on display. 

Another shot of the new downtown decorations. 

Muriel's Intimate Apparel - doesn't that bathrobe look cozy? Too bad I don't need a new one!

Colored branches in a planter in front of Thomas A. Davis Jewelers.

A view of some storefronts.

Another downtown block shown. 

 I love this old-fashioned look, as seen at Model Drugs. In spite of that name, more of the store has been given over to gifts than to the pharmacy area!

Home and Company, which is situated in the landmark Tower Clock building.

And lastly, a paper decoration in the window of Three Chairs, a furniture store. 

I hope you enjoyed my photo tour! There are many more photos I could have taken if time had permitted; these are just some displays that caught my eye. 

Yes, many of these stores feature upscale goods, so usually I window-shop rather than make actual purchases. I do have a budget to follow and I like the thrill of getting an upscale item at thrift store prices! Nevertheless, I'm proud of our downtown and  make occasional expenditures there. And I do love seeing it this time of year!