Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Made It - Pillowcases

Hello! Did you know that with one yard of fabric and just a little time, you can make your own pillowcase? I first came across this project online; it was presented as a way to celebrate seasonal holidays. 

Recently purchased one yard of a pretty flannel at the thrift store; it set me back all of 75c. Here's how it turned out:

I'll use this as an accent pillow over the Christmas season.

Here's others I have made over the years:

From top to bottom, I've stacked them in order of their appearance throughout a calendar year, starting with snowflakes for wintertime and ending with a Christmas print. The exception on the very bottom is the pillowcase I made for our daughter, using fabric left over from the duvet cover I'd sewn for her bed. 

I'm missing a few holidays, but besides winter and Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, the 4th of July and Halloween are shown. I think that a birthday-themed print would be cute too. 

Of course, one isn't limited to holidays - any fabric can be used - for instance, a sports fan might like a pillowcase that features his or her favorite sport or team. Fabrics are always on sale at the fabric stores and the seasonal prints will go on clearance when that holiday or time of year is over. Thus, besides being easy, it's also cheap, even if the fabrics don't come from a thrift store!

I've passed this idea on to a couple of doting grandmothers, both of whom were pleased to have an easy, inexpensive and fun project for grandchildren gifts. In fact, the one grandmother reported that her granddaughter liked her homemade pillowcase so much, she asked Grandma to help her make some for her parents as a gift! 

If you'd like to make your own pillowcases, you can find the directions HERE

Have fun!


  1. Very cute! You could even make seasonal pillowcases for the throw pillows on your sofa. I wonder if you could even use seasonal printed fleece? My son would LOVE that!

  2. I'm sure that fleece would work just fine - go ahead and give it a try!

  3. When I was little I used to try to count the snowflakes on the winter one.

  4. So how many snowflakes are there on the winter pillowcase?