Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holidays - Vintage Christmas Aprons

Hello! Vintage aprons are a popular collectible and I'm pleased to show off my small group of vintage aprons with a Christmas theme. All are in fine shape other than very minor staining on a couple of them. Either they were lightly used (or not at all) - or else the cooks were tidier than I am! 

First up is:

This jolly Santa apron was 25c at a thrift store. Can't have too many Santas!

I was delighted to find the above at a church rummage sale for 50c.

Close-up of the kittens:

Adorable! The only thing that would have made this apron even better is if the kittens had been calico like our cat Beauty, but I'm still happy with those gray kittens.

The next apron is different in that it's obviously dressier - it was sewn out of a sheer material and the ornaments are lavished with gold trims. I suspect that this apron was meant for the hostess to wear during her party, not while preparing the party menu.

And here's a close-up of the ornaments:

I know from experience that narrow rickracks and cords can be a pain to sew on, but whoever made this did a fine job. Beads and sequins were also added for accents. 

My mom bought this apron for me while visiting an antique mall in our area one year. She paid four dollars for it. I was most appreciative!

The remaining three aprons were all purchased at a church rummage sale in Douglas, WY in 2009 and I was charged 25c apiece. They had all been immaculately starched, which wasn't true of the other aprons. 

Candy canes and Christmas trees - what a sweet print!

Santa and black plaid. Not crazy about this one as much, for I didn't think there was enough black in the Santa panel to warrant the plaid. However, I took a close-up of the Santa so that you can decide for yourself:

The last apron is my favorite of these three:

These panels are cute enough that I thought each deserved its own close-up.

Jolly Santa.

Can't you just hear these bells ringing in the New Year?

Youngsters praying before bedtime in their red flannels.

A nice reminder of the season. Note the older cars parked in front of the church - from the 40's or 50's, my husband said. Don't know if this apron is that old, but at least some of the fabric used to make it is!

Do I use these aprons? No, for as I commented above, I'm a messy baker. Instead, they hang up in my kitchen to cheer me up while I'm busy churning out holiday cookies and breads!


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