Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holidays - Tinsel Tree

Hello! Yes, I have another decorated Christmas tree to show off. This one is only three feet tall, perfect for a tabletop or, as I'll show below, a shelf:

Behold my tinsel tree! I paid $2.00 for it at Goodwill, but the label on the bottom indicated that it had originally come from Target. The tree skirt was a 25c purchase at a church rummage sale last month. 

Not only is this a thrifty tree, but it's relatively well color-coordinated too - everything is red, white and green. I think that these colors look effective against the silver tree.

Many of the ornaments were handmade, such as this pair of crocheted mittens:

I think this was my most expensive ornament purchase for this tree. I balked a bit at paying one whole dollar for this, but decided that the handcrafted effort deserved a new home (mine, of course!)

I have several stocking ornaments that had been knitted or crocheted, but this is the only one that had been embellished with embroidered flowers. 25c at a church rummage sale. 

Guess it wasn't enough to give this reindeer a red nose - all of him is red! Cute anyway! Thrift store, 25c.

Rather odd eyes on this reindeer, but for a quarter at a thrift store, I wasn't going to be fussy.

This charmer in the form of a small doll was free at a store that sells found items for reuse in arts and crafts projects. The guy at the counter tossed this doll in for free with the other objects I was buying. It's likely been around awhile, but I'm not sure how old it is. 

We often have a white Christmas in these parts, hence the snowmen on the tree:

Both were 25c apiece at a thrift store. Very little snow has fallen thus far, so we may have to wait awhile yet for real snowmen to appear. I am not complaining - it seems strange to have no snow on the ground, but I don't miss it.

But snow or no snow, presents usually make their appearance under a Christmas tree:

And it's true for my tinsel tree as well!

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