Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holidays - The Made In Japan Tree

Hello! First off, I ought to explain that the Christmas tree itself that I'm about to show isn't from Japan (I'm sure it's from China - nowadays, where else?), but all the ornaments on it came from the Asian country that supplied Christmas decorations in years past - Japan.

Here's a shot of the tree itself:

Next follows some shots of ornaments on the tree:    

Santa pinecone figure.

Another pinecone figure, this time an elf.

I love the pink roof on the tiny house. A quarter at a thrift store. 

The drummer on the right is proof that not all Made-In-Japan ornaments were cute -it's passable but when you only pay a quarter for something, that's what makes it okay! I paid a whole three dollars for the candy cane at an antique store in the Upper Peninsula, but I liked its shiny colors and the bell trim. 

Another sitting elf rests at the bottom of the tree next to another tiny house.

Well, that's all for today - can you tell I'm tired out after a lot of driving/walking around looking for Christmas presents? Now I've got to run along to the kitchen to do some baking!

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