Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holidays - Vintage Greeting Cards

Hello! My mother-in-law died in 1997 and some time after that I was given a set of old Christmas cards she had kept. I don't know what year these cards are from, but she was married in 1958, so perhaps she kept them as a memento of the first Christmas she and my father-in-law celebrated as husband and wife. I'll highlight a few favorites in this post.

Bells seemed to be popular that year. 

As did pine branches edged in blue.

Gotta love this vehicle! Looks like a cross between Santa's sleigh and a red convertible!

And how about this assortment of vehicles from various eras? Pretty fanciful, though, to have that sporty red number being followed by a one-horse open sleigh!

And if cars or sleighs don't suit your fancy, why not try a bicycle built for three?

I'll leave you with this lively scene from "the four of us".

Yeah, they sure don't make Christmas cards like they used to! My late mother-in-law was rather a packrat, but I'm glad she saved these cards!


  1. The last card is my favorite. I wonder why bells were so popular? The red convertible type car is pretty cool too.

  2. Hi Gina and thanks for stopping by! That last card was sent by Mike's aunt and uncle - I never met them, so I'm glad my mother-in-law saved their card.