Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holidays - Nativity Sets

Hello! I have a small collection of Nativity sets, all of which were much-appreciated gifts. 

Here is an overview of my collection:

And here is a close-up of my largest Nativity:

This set is from the Fontanini company of Italy, and was given to my husband and I years ago. It came with the Holy Family and a few other figures, but there were dozens more that could purchased. I set out to do just that, adding a few new pieces to my Nativity set each year. Unfortunately, a few years later the company discontinued this particular scale (4 1/2").

Fortunately, I had purchased enough figures by then so that I can put one out every day of December up through the 24th. I always add baby Jesus on Christmas Day and then the three Wise Men come after, on Epiphany. 

I got the idea of putting one figure out every day of December leading up to Christmas Day from a church in my hometown. I would pass this church every day on my way to school and so in December it was fun to watch a new Nativity figure being put outside one at a time (I don't think they had enough to put a new one out every day though). 

Some years ago the Nativity scene was no longer outside and I missed seeing when I went to visit my folks for Christmas. I was sorry and wondered if the church still had it. 

Well, I was just in my hometown for a short visit and decided to stop in at the church to ask about the Nativity set. For one thing, I wanted to see if my memory was correct!

It was - the woman said the Nativity set is now placed inside near the church altar. I was glad to hear that it's still being used (and that my memory hadn't failed me!)

Here's a close-up of the Nativity sets gathered on either side of the Fontanini set. These smaller sets were all given to me by my husband from fair trade sources.

On the right side:

The largest Nativity is from Kenya. I don't recall where the two on either side of it are from, but the brightly-colored one is likely South American. 

On the left side:

The largest  Nativity is from the West Bank and the small one in front with earthen tones is from Peru. 

As I said, it's a small collection but one that I gladly display every December!


  1. When I was little I got to pick which one got put out every day.

  2. That's right - and you always enjoyed doing that!