Friday, December 9, 2011

Holidays - Christmas Dishes

 Hello! For several years, I'd been wanting a set of holiday dishes but didn't want to pay a lot for them since they'd only be used one month of the year. Combed the thrift stores but nothing really caught my eye - everything seemed to look either too formal or too country-cutesy for my tastes. 

My search ended late December 2009 at a secondhand store in Whiting, IN. A complete set of tableware for six (I'd mistakenly referred to it as a set of eight HERE) was marked 1/2 off to a price of $10.00. 

Here is one place setting (plus the two sizes of drinking glasses that had been included:

And here's a close-up of the small plate, the cup and saucer and the drinking glasses:

This dish set appealed to me because of its vintage milk glass look, but I suspect they're based on an older set. No matter - I still like them. 

The set is labeled Crisa Mexico on the bottom, and from looking online I learned that Crisa is a division of Libbey Glass. 

I also learned that currently an eBay seller has a set of six - minus any drinking glasses - for $30.00 plus shipping. So I think that my $10.00 purchase was a good buy indeed!

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