Saturday, February 2, 2013

Made It - Super Simple Scarf

Hello! We'd just returned from an out-of-town trip earlier today when my husband noticed that he'd forgotten his scarf somewhere. He'd be needing another scarf ASAP; did we run out to a store to buy one? No, I headed to my polar fleece stash to make another version of the scarf he'd left behind. 

In a couple of minutes, my husband had a new scarf - and this included the time it took to go down to the basement and hunt around in the container that holds polar fleece pieces. Yes, it was that easy, thanks to these instructions:

Super Easy To Make Scarf 

Purchase 1/4 yard polar fleece. Cut off both selvedges. Put scarf around neck and cut to the length you like. If desired, cut fringe on both ends - polar fleece does not ravel. 

(Note: instructions are courtesy of Field's Fabrics in Holland, MI, though I don't know if this project originated with them. Field's has a rack of patterns/instructions free for the taking). 

See what I mean by easy?

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