Thursday, January 31, 2013

The "Job Jar" Thus Far

Hello! As mentioned in my very first post of 2013, I set up a "job jar" (actually a handcrafted pot a friend had made for me several years ago) with the intention of getting things done around the house in a more timely fashion - and also with making time for a variety of creative pursuits as well.

I have dutifully drawn a tag every day and have been keeping track of each task drawn and how I completed it. So here's the report on the first month has gone:

"Household Helps": organized recipe clippings, cleaned a particularly nasty area of the kitchen, decluttered a closet, cleaned the refrigerator, decluttered some books, repaired a chair (though alas, the glue job didn't hold, so it looks like I have to do it over), caught up on filing, and more.

"Help Others": made dolls for a charity project and made multiple trips to the thrift store to donate items. 

"Physical/Mental/Spiritual": went to the library and checked out books, wrote in a nature journal (after not having used it in several years, I was inspired to make several entries this month after drawing the tag once), did some birdwatching, used a paraffin wax spa kit (originally bought for my mom as a gift; she never used it and so I reclaimed it after she died), listened to relaxation CD's, and more. 

"Creativity": picked out flowers to buy, sewed Thanksgiving crafts (I pulled this tag twice - and it just so happened that there were two Thanksgiving crafts I had meant to work on this past November but hadn't gotten around to doing so), wrote a poem, started a short story, used a craft kit (thrift store find I'd forgotten about and had a great time using!) and more. 

There was one repeat I didn't do: after one trip to the library, I didn't feel the need to go one week later, so I just drew another tag. But I took advantage of other repeats to catch up on the filing, donate to thrift stores and complete the aforementioned Thanksgiving craft projects.

The only downside to such a system is that I have been delaying some tasks because I figured I'd draw the tags for doing them eventually. But in spite of not drawing the tag for "dust downstairs", it still needs dusting!

And now it has come time to take care of today's task - "clean bathroom".

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