Sunday, January 27, 2013

Get Carded - Another Wacky Birthday Card!

Hello! When I first began making greeting cards several years ago, my husband's birthday cards were traditional in appearance. Rubber-stamped images of birthday cakes or birthday gifts were the main design elements on such cards. 

Then a few years ago his birthday cards began to get wackier. Since he's a city boy, I have given these recent cards a "country" flavor. The card I made for his birthday earlier this week was no exception:

We'd been talking about the horses on Mackinac Island recently, so that's why I decided to use a horse image as the main motif. 

Supplies used:

White cardstock

Two layers of black art paper scraps

Image of horse, photocopied from a facsimile copy of Illustrated Historical Atlas Of Ottawa and Kent Counties, Michigan

Smaller horse image photocopied from a book about the history of writing

Vintage string glued behind smaller horse image (I thought it mimicked the tail of a horse; just a nice extra touch)

Greeting rubber-stamped in black StazOn ink

"54" cut from a vintage bingo game board 

My husband opened the card's envelope with a look of expectation on his face, not knowing what sort of wackiness I had come up with now. He laughed when he saw his card, so I know he enjoyed it. 

That facsimile book that I mentioned above was a cool thrift store find and worthy of its own post - so I'd better stop horsing around and write about it sometime soon!



  1. Who says you can't have fun on someone else's birthday too? Great card and I hope he had a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks! The card was fun to make and it's fun to make him laugh too! I think he enjoyed his birthday, especially because he got his favorite dinner plus the same favorite gift he wants to get every year.