Monday, January 21, 2013

Bundle Up! Keep Warm With Help From The Thrift Store

Brrr! It's cold out there! Just came in from shoveling snow and I'm guessing that with the windchill it must be close to zero. But with the wearing of some thrift store finds, I wasn't cold at all. 

Let me backtrack a bit...before we moved here, we lived in areas that had much milder winters. Thus, I had a shortage of cold-weather clothing. The local thrift stores have come to the rescue, and so slowly but steadily I have built up a suitable winter wardrobe for the chilliest of days. 

Nothing like paying thrift store prices instead of the ones seen in catalogs! Case in point is what I have on today, seen HERE.

This jacket is currently selling for 69 dollars, but the price I paid at Goodwill was around 90% less! And the jacket is in fine shape. Although it's meant to be worn as outerwear, I am wearing it today as a topper over a T-shirt and this garment is keeping me toasty warm. 

For my bottoms, I'm wearing what I call my "snow shoveling pants" - thick fleece pants from Lands End. I paid $2.99 for them. And when I came into the house after snow shoveling, I slipped back into the Lands End shoes I just bought last week - they are a suede with a warm fur-like lining. I rarely see shoes I feel worth buying at the thrift stores - I'm hard on shoes and so it makes no sense to buy ones that already have had a lot of use. These shoes, however, had scant wear - and were only a dollar. 

So as you can see, I spent very little for maximum warmth! This cold snap is supposed to continue for a few more days, but not to worry - I have other warm pants, sweaters, pajamas and the like to help me stay warm - all purchased at prices lower than what our thermometer currently reads. (10 degrees, in case you were wondering!)

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