Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thrifty Acres - Thrift Stores To The Rescue Again

Hello! Earlier in the week, our daughter informed me that the theme days for her high school's upcoming Spirit Week had been announced, and three decades were included: 50's, 70's hippie and 80's. So it was off to the thrift store yesterday to see what we could find. 

We headed to the Salvation Army thrift store, because there's a special tag color sale on Saturdays: the tag color of the week is further discounted to 69c/item on that day. We already knew we were going to alter a sweatshirt for the 80's look (a la the signature style of Jennifer Beal's Flashdance character), so of course I wanted to spend as little money as possible for that garment. 

And yes, we did find a 69c sweatshirt. Also found a 69c pair of jeans for the hippie look. The jeans aren't of a hippie-ish style, but our daughter said she'd wear them again. I suggested that she find a peace sign from Google images to print out, which I in turn will cut out of felt to sew onto the jeans. She can remove it after that Spirit Week day is over. She also bought a cute top in a vaguely 70's print to wear, and will wear a pair of socks that I'd tie-dyed a few years back. The top was not part of the 69c sale, but our daughter said she'll wear it again, so the $2.99 price was fine with me.

The kids at her school had talked about poodle skirts and leather jackets for the 50's look, but neither turned up at the Salvation Army thrift store, so we headed over to the nearby Goodwill store. I spotted a black fake leather jacket, but it was $7.99, so forget that. 

Nevertheless, in general a thrift store remains a good place to head if your kid comes home from school in need of some sort of costume. 



  1. Can't wait to wear my costumes for spirit week!

  2. Glad you're looking forward to it - should be a fun time!

  3. Sent you some photos! Hope you liked them.