Saturday, January 19, 2013

Say It With Flowers!

Hello! From the sounds of things, our abnormally mild January weather is about to come to an end. "Coldest weather in two years" and "a foot of snow by Tuesday is possible" are some of the forecasts I've been hearing. 

Therefore, I was delighted when yesterday's "job jar" tag read "have flowers in the house". And so I headed to a nearby florist, Pat's European Fresh Flower Market. One thing I like about Pat's is the large selection of flowers that can be bought by the stem - it's fun to pick and choose as many or as few flowers as one wants. 

I asked the friendly gentleman behind the counter which flowers would hold up the longest and he suggested the mum varieties. Thus, for a little over five bucks, I got this arrangement of three flowers:

The white and yellow flowers are quite large - they measure almost 6" across. And I liked the lime-green color of the other variety. 

While paying for the flowers I admired the artistry of the handmade gift cards displayed near the counter. The man said they were made by a former employee and are popular with customers. I can see why - they are very charming! 

Fresh flowers may seem like a luxury, but I have the feeling that in a day or two, when it's frigid outside and we've gotten snow, I will be glad I'd gotten them for us to enjoy for a few days. (and remember, at Pat's I could have gotten just one flower, which would have made my purchase even cheaper).

So, in this case, "say it with flowers" says spring at a time when we need a dose of it! 

Pat's European Fresh Flower Market
505 W. 17th St. 
Holland, MI
(616) 796-3221


  1. Beautiful! I love fresh flowers too.

  2. Have you been to Pat's? It's fun to pick out flowers there and I bet you'd enjoy seeing those handmade cards too.