Sunday, February 24, 2013

Made It - Comfort Dolls Ready To Go!

Hello! Several weeks ago I had blogged about the Comfort Doll Project, as seen HERE. I had set the intention to make 10 dolls to send out for distribution, but got waylaid for awhile in finishing up. 

Finally got all 10 done today, so here they are, ready to be shipped out tomorrow:

I eventually  settled on a doll body with a bit of simple patchwork, yo- yo and pompom "hat", felt heart with a vintage button and piece of twill tape stamped with the word "love", bead eyes and embroidered mouth. I worked through a few variations while making the dolls before deciding upon the final look. 

I am pleased to report that virtually everything you see on the dolls came from thrift stores. Exceptions to secondhand purchases were the beads and embroidery floss, bought new for previous projects. And a few of the yo-yos came from a retail store that sells secondhand finds for use in arts and crafts projects (I made most of the yo-yos myself).

I had fun picking out the fabrics for each doll; it was a great way to use up some smaller pieces. And it's great to know that my dolls will go to women in domestic abuse shelters. I hope they like their dolls as much as I enjoyed making them - even if it took me awhile to finish!

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