Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thrifty Acres - All Dolled Up

Hello! The return trip from an errand yesterday took me right past a thrift store, so of course I stopped in. Pickings looked slim until I glanced at a display shelf near the checkout counter, where I saw this:

This handmade doll was crafted in the primitive style: her muslin body has painted "shoes", painted hands and forearms, and painted head, neck, hair and face. The body is simply constructed, but the painted hair and face took patience and a steady hand. I'm not a great painter, so I gladly paid the $3.00 to take her home. 

She is 17" tall, and I have a doll dress pattern that should work just fine for properly clothing her. 

Near this doll was a basket that held several small handmade dolls, each priced at 50c. I selected this one:

She also has a muslin body, with a face that appears to have been drawn on with marker. The front of her dress looks as if it had been cut from a vintage quilt, with the back of the dress cut from a piece of another fabric. I don't care for the lace trim on the bottom, but that is easily removed. 

She's 10" tall, with a stuffed body about half that length. She's already found a place to hang out - the wall of our powder room. 

Since this doll and her mates were all made the same way, I wondered if they'd been left over from a craft show. If so, I am sorry they didn't sell for their creator, although I benefited from the lack of sales. 

(Note: I should add that in the doll section of the same thrift store were dolls similar to the primitive-style doll in the first photo. These were all dressed, but I didn't care for the dresses they had on. I think it'll be more fun to make a dress with fabric I like better.)

And so yet again, a thrift store surprised me with the unexpected: two styles of handmade dolls made it worth the stop!

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