Thursday, February 28, 2013

Job Jar - Month #2

Hello! Kept up on my "job jar" routine all month and it went well. Some of the tasks were quite lengthy and dirty to boot - cleaning windows and woodwork, getting rid of the greasy grime on top of the refrigerator, cleaning a part of the basement that really needed it, and so on. 

Some tasks weren't as labor-intensive, like repairing torn pockets in a couple of my husband's pants and doing an easy fix on a chair. Other tasks were of an organizational nature, like decluttering holiday decorations and sorting through recipe clippings. 

I was able to help out others by donating to a thrift store, making and sending a gift to an out-of-state friend who needed a boost, writing letters and doing a random act of kindness. That last one was fun to do!

Took time to listen to a relaxation CD, played with a craft kit, made a couple of holiday crafts, and more. 

Some of the above tasks, like the chair fix, could have been done months or even years ago, but weren't. Guess they were easy to overlook. Well, overlook no more - the job jar has been a nice little motivational tool!

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