Friday, March 1, 2013

Made It - Even More Dolled Up

Hello! As seen HEREI had found an unclothed doll at a thrift store recently. Last night I sewed her a dress:

I used The Patchwork Place's Country Doll pattern (thrift store purchase). Directions were somewhat vague; the patternmaker obviously assumed that the sewer knew how to sew doll clothes. Fortunately I've done enough sewing that I could figure things out okay. 

Since my doll is a little taller than the doll height that the dress pattern was designed for, I made sure that the dress length would still be long enough. It is, but what I had neglected to check for was sleeve length. I'm not used to dolls who have arms of two different colors (in this case, painted hands and forearms, unpainted upper arms). 

Consequently, the doll looks like she has tan lines showing. Not the end of the world, of course, but still annoying. If I was a perfectionist sort, I would make another dress and lengthen the sleeves while doing so. Instead, I'll probably just add some lace trim to hang down over those tan lines. 

I love the cute print that I'd used to make the dress, especially since it was a 50c thrift store find. Add the 25c pattern along with the three bucks I paid for the doll, and you have a project that cost under $4.00. Not bad!

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