Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thrifty Acres - Supper Before The Basketball Game

Hello! The basketball phenomena known as "March Madness" is here, so let the excitement begin! Between high school and collegiate tournaments, there's a lot of action to follow, and hungry fans need something to eat before yelling their lungs out at their favorite teams. 

Lucky for us, 1962 Betty Crocker's Cooking Calendar has a menu already planned out:

No, it isn't what I would expect to be served before watching a basketball game either! Nowadays, meals related to sporting events seem to revolve around casual fare such as pizza, tacos or hot dogs. The above supper menu features much more delicate fare. It reads more like an old-fashioned ladies' luncheon menu!

The Ham-Onion-Broccoli Casserole may sound hearty, but here's the list of ingredients; note the quantities shown:

The recipe instructions didn't photograph well, but basically it's a ham/onion/broccoli/cheese sauce casserole with a biscuit topping. As I said, it sounds hearty - but the recipe is supposed to serve six people. In today's world of supersized portions, this dish yields servings that would look pretty skimpy! 

I don't know what the dessert featured in the menu - Lemon-filled Lemon Velvet Cake - is, but perhaps it provided enough calories to make up for those small main course portions. After all, one needs to fuel up before yelling during those tournament games!

But at any rate, no matter what's on your menu during March Madness, enjoy the hoops and the hoopla - and, as for this household: Go Green! Go White!  


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