Sunday, March 10, 2013

Made It - Days Of The Week Towel

Although I prefer vintage items, there are times when they can get pricey. For instance, I've been charmed when I've come across vintage  days-of-the-week tea towel sets. These would add a nice touch to my old-house kitchen, but I've not been charmed by the prices such sets in good condition can fetch at antique stores. Price/condition varies quite a bit on eBay, but for something like this, I'd rather inspect the towels in person for condition, color, and quality of stitching. 

Over time I've gathered up a few days-of-the-week tea towel stamped embroidery patterns from thrift stores, so why not use them to make my own set?  Most of these are the Aunt Martha's brand, but some were purchased in a manila envelope sans official packaging. From this group, I decided to use a pattern depicting a cat doing various tasks. It might very well be an Aunt Martha's pattern too. 

I also turned to Aunt Martha's for new, blank tea towels to embroider. Although plain towels are available, I chose the package labeled "Vintage 1930's Towels", as the red, green, yellow and blue stripes on the sides of the towels match the colors in the kitchen wallpaper. These towels come in packs of three for $9.99. Not exactly dirt cheap, but the price is what it is. The towels are 100% cotton and measure 18"x28".

As today is Sunday, I thought it appropriate to show off my first completed tea towel:

I've yet to see my own cat hold a church hymnal and sing, but it sure makes for a cute design! In the first photo, you can see the colored stripes on the edge tea towel. (Ignore the raised edge you see around the design - that's just where the embroidery hoop had been). 

I was showing off this work in progress earlier in the week to some women. The oldest woman approved; she had done similar embroidery when she was younger. Thinking that the younger women present might think my towel hopelessly quaint, I explained that I liked a vintage look for my old-house kitchen. But these younger women liked my embroidery just as much as the older woman had!

It is easy embroidery, primarily backstitching, so it didn't take very long to complete. And since tomorrow is Monday, I'll iron on that day's pattern then. It depicts our busy little cat hanging up the laundry to dry. Too bad my cat can't help me with that chore!


  1. LOVE it!
    We once had a cat that would sit at the piano and flip the pages of the hymn book. I have NO IDEA why, but it was pretty cute.

  2. I would have loved to have seen your cat do this! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Very cute towel! Vintage patterns are the best and hand embroidery is very "In" at the moment :-).

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I'm getting back into hand embroidery, and it's fun to do when vintage patterns are involved!