Friday, March 29, 2013

Get Carded - Variations On A Theme

Hello! On Sunday my family is having a combined Easter/family birthday party for those who have had birthdays from January-March. 

I had a total of eight birthday cards to create, plus the shopping for those birthday gifts and the making of foods for the holiday dinner. To make things easier, the cards I made are all variations on the same theme:

The cards all have a white card stock base, and all share a simple gift-wrapped box shape (courtesy of a scrapbooking template set I'd found at a thrift store). The use of various art papers, scrapbooking papers, vintage children's books, stamped words and words cut from vintage school worksheets gives each card its own personality. Also added a bit of ribbon to one card and some thin white string to another. 

To show you the versatility of that gift-shape template, the ages of the birthday celebrants range from one year old to 24 years old! 

However, I still had one more card to make, as I became a great-aunt for the second time this past Sunday:

For this card, I used a teddy bear shape from the same scrapbooking template set. (the colors on the card are a little brighter than what the photo shows; what looks like beige is actually a pale green. The art paper background piece was a perfect match!)

Maybe not a traditional-looking "new baby" card, but I liked how it turned out. 

The next family birthday party is likely to be in the summer, so I get a break between these family card-making sessions. I suppose I could make a card as each birthday comes and that way I wouldn't have so many to make at once! However, it's also convenient to craft a bunch at a time while my supplies are out. 

Either way, it's a fun way to prepare for all those birthdays!


  1. I love all the cards, especially baby Quinn's!

  2. Thanks! Why do you like the baby card the best?

  3. Very nice cards! I love the gift box template you used. I can see you got a lot of mileage out of it. You give me great ideas for my own card making. I'd better get going with some since our big birthday month starts the end of April and goes through May.

  4. Thanks, Ms. KC! I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that template set, especially the gift box shape. My nieces said on Sunday that they always love the cards I make. I was happy to hear that!