Friday, February 8, 2013

Made It - More Valentine's Day Crafting

Valentine's Day crafting continues. For the past several years, I've made a stack of greeting cards as part of the nationwide Valentines For Vets program. The cards have gone to a regional VA hospital to be distributed to patients there. 

I always enjoy doing this, so I recently gathered up some craft supplies and  got busy:

Above, you see a portion of the decorative elements that will go on the card fronts. 

A close-up:

I altered a vintage trading card with paints and rubber stamping, then glued a stamped heart made from art paper to the trading card piece. I may add further embellishment after gluing the whole piece onto the card front. 

Still haven't made any Valentine's Day cards for friends and family, but I made a substitute card for a friend I saw earlier today:

The above "ensemble" was created with stencils from the Klutz Press kit Paper Fashions Fancy, which I'd gotten at a thrift store. The kit was minus the fancy papers and trims, but the stencils were intact, so I happily paid the 50c price. (brand new, complete, it would retail for $21.95!)

The various shapes, cut from art paper scraps, were glued onto a matboard piece from the creative reuse store Learning From Scratch

Not a bad substitute for a greeting card, I think!


  1. I love the cards you are working on for the vets and the one I receive too. Thanks! I'm afraid I haven't done anything yet for Valentine's Day, so I'd better get going. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I hope the vets like their Valentines as much as I enjoyed making them. I'm glad you liked your "card" as well - maybe you can replicate the look on Valentine's Day, eh?