Saturday, February 9, 2013

Holidays - Simple Gift Wrap

HelloOne thing I enjoy doing is combining humble, inexpensively-purchased items to create attractively-wrapped gifts, such as what I had done earlier today:

I wrapped a small gift in a square of red tissue paper (purchased at an estate sale), then added a "ribbon" of vintage cotton crochet thread (thrift store find). Lastly, I tucked in a heart shape made of serendipity paper (in this case, a page from an old prayer book, altered with acrylic paint, rubber-stamped designs and bits of a vintage matchbook. The prayer book was another thrift store find and the matchbook from a garage sale run by an antiques dealer). 

True, serendipity paper can take a bit of time of make, but I've discovered that it goes pretty quickly when small pieces of paper are used as bases instead of the much bigger road atlas pages I'd been taught. And a little serendipity paper goes a long way, I've found. I like to make several small sheets at a time; then I have them on hand for adding interest to a project.

Or in this case, a small gift package. All told, this was very inexpensive gift wrapping, but I think it turned out nicely. 

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