Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrifty Acres - Beat The Heat With Some Vintage Postcards

Hello! It's been quite hot and humid the past few days, but as the month of July is already more than half over, the cooler days of autumn will be here before we know it. 

But until then, I offer up a couple of vintage postcards with autumnal scenes for a bit of a cool-down. 

On the back, the postcard is dated 1962. And the description on the back is as colorful as the scene on the front: "Autumn is a favorite, nostalgic time of year in Michigan. Comes the beautiful fall colors mingling with the evergreens, the balmy haze of Indian Summer with sometimes a sharp nip from the north wind. 'Tis a time to wander the shore for gem stones, to hunt with a camera, or just to laze and refresh your soul."

I have felt the "sharp nip from the north wind" in northern Michigan - as in early morning temperatures in the low 40's. In mid-August. But of course, the trees weren't turning color yet. 

"Hunting with a camera" is nice, but naturally other hunting occurs during the fall months as well, such as bow and arrow:

I love the vintage L. L. Bean feel of this postcard, what with the high-topped boots, heavy socks and the three different plaids our hunter is wearing. Yep, dark brown brown plaid pants, cream and rust plaid flannel shirt and red plaid hat. Not a scrap of hunter's orange in sight! 

On the back, the only description is "Bowhunter". 

Well, did these postcards make you feel any cooler - or did all that plaid make you feel warmer instead? Oh well, at least I tried!
(note: these postcards were all from a recent thrift store purchase - the usual great deal for some old-fashioned scenes!)


  1. I'll have to show my husband and son the "bowhunter" card. Maybe this will change their outfit choices when they go out this fall. I know there is a hunting season when hunter's don't wear the orange, but I'm not sure when that is or the reason. Both my husband and son wear orange all the time. Better to be visible than mistaken for prey.

  2. We're hikers instead of hunters, but we too wear orange when we're hiking during hunting seasons.

    This postcard wasn't printed sharply, so it didn't come out great in my photo, but I love it anyway!