Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Job Jar - Month #7

Hello! Some out-of-town trips have curtailed the number of times I was able to use my job jar this month, but when I was home, I carried on as usual. 

For instance, job jar tasks pushed me to declutter books - the rejects went to the donations barrel that the local AAUW chapter puts out April-August in advance of their big used book sale each September. Now I have an excuse for buying more books at this year's sale, ha. 

I also decluttered some craft supplies, decluttered a messy cabinet and did a clothing repair. 

I made donations to two thrift stores, was mindful of giving compliments and looked over some new volunteer opportunities. 

I wrote in my nature journal and did some spiritual exercises. Also chilled out with a relaxation CD.

I baked cookies and did several small craft projects. One of these was a small collage with a Thanksgiving theme. I know, it may seem funny to do crafts out of season, but I deliberately included several job jar tasks that involved holiday crafts. I thought this would be a fun way to "think outside the box" throughout the year. 

I also carved a rubber stamp. As I had written during a previous job jar post, I had purchased a rubber stamp carving kit a few years back but had never gotten around to trying it - until I made "carve a rubber stamp" a job jar task. My efforts are still rather rudimentary, but I have found it a fun craft - and I've ended up with one-of-a-kind rubber stamps to boot!

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