Saturday, July 20, 2013

Things You Can Always Find At A Thrift Store #4: Gobs Of Glassware

Hello! First off, I must admit that I don't actually have a lot of glassware; this is primarily because I seem to be clumsy with breakables and so try to avoid them. But I have certainly seen enough glassware at thrift stores to know that it's plentiful and usually quite cheap. Need some more wine glasses? Go to a thrift store. You'd like a punch bowl set to serve Grandma's killer eggnog recipe at Christmas? Look around long enough in thrift stores and you'll find one. Mixing bowls? Yep, they're often present. Remnants of someone's kitschy shot glass collection? Pick up a few shot glasses and pretend you'd been in that same tourist trap town. 

In spite of my clumsiness, I do have a few thrifted pieces to show off. A recent Country Living spread reminded me that I should discuss glassware in a blog post, for there was a familiar sight in a photo of a trendy kitchen - stacks of this on a shelf:

This is the Duralex 8.5 ounce Picardie tumbler; the Duralex USA website (Duralex is a French company) calls the Picardie "the original French tumbler" and that it's "functional and stylish". 

I don't have a large stack of these, but I do have several, for which I paid 25c or 50c apiece. Quite a savings when the Duralex USA website sells a set of six for $24.00. There might be better deals on Amazon or eBay, but I doubt that sellers there would be offering up these tumblers at 25 or 50 cents! 

Several years ago there was a nice event in our neighborhood. The hosts are lovely people and have a lovely house to match. Although it was an informal gathering, the setting called for a nice vessel for the homemade cheese wafers I was planning to bring. Found this at a thrift store for a very reasonable 50 cents:

Unfortunately, there's no manufacturer's information whatsoever on this serving bowl (about 2 1/2" high and 7 1/2" in diameter). Note the narrow rectangular pattern on the sides and the illusion of "bubbles" on the bottom (those "bubbles" are underneath the surface; the bottom of the bowl is smooth). 

I don't know how old this is, but it has the look and feel of an older piece. 

I've discussed kitchen items thus far, but if you're in need of vases, go to your friendly neighborhood thrift store and you'll find enough glass vases to start your own florist business.

Such as:
This was my most recent purchase, an Ikea product for which I paid 50c. I liked its resemblance to a beaker and the bubbled exterior. (that's a State Fair zinnia in it)

As you can see, none of my glassware purchases set me back more than 50c per item - which is great given my tendency to break things!


  1. You continue to inspire me Aimee! I know I will look at glassware at the thrift store in a different way now. Awhile back I bought one of those chunky Mexican glass wineglasses for a dollar at Bibles for Mexico and it is my husband's favorite. It is clear with a blue base and blue trim around the top. It has a lot of bubbles in it and looks like blown glass. I also have a set of Christmas Coca-Cola Holly Hobby glasses that were thrift store purchases too.

  2. Aw, gee, thanks, Miss KC! Your finds sound great too - I remember those Holly Hobby Coca-Cola glasses, and that wineglass sounds great!