Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Get Carded - Happy Birthday Dad!

Hello! Two posts from me today since I probably won't be able to post tomorrow. 

As promised in my previous post, here's my dad's birthday card:

Not exactly crazy about it, maybe because I usually make him birthday cards with a green color scheme (his favorite color). I'd already made the stars out of various papers, though, and just felt like using them on his card. Anyway, materials used:

- white card stock
- "DAD" and "91" stamped in blue and red acrylic paint using a
  vintage printing set
- vintage string for star "garland"
- blue star cut from handpainted paper (painted by me)
- white and pale blue star cut from vintage bingo card
- red star cut from art paper scrap
- vintage button glued to each star
- vintage red, white and blue button glued to top corner

- "happy birthday" stamped with blue ink onto card stock scrap

My family is chipping in on one large gift to my dad, but I asked for ideas for a smaller gift he could open from us as well. One sister replied that he would like limoncello or a joke book.

So off I went to buy some limoncello, and on the way back stopped off at a nearby thrift store to see if the same vintage humor book was still there. It was:

And since all books at this thrift store are half off this week, it was a steal at only 50c. 

This book was published in 1967, so some of the humor is quite dated, what with jokes involving pretty girls, ditzy wives and doctors who make house calls. However, some of the humor is still funny today, such as the joke about the two big headaches facing a college football coach: defensive linebackers and offensive alumni. And the church bulletin bloopers and newspaper headline typos are still a hoot as well! 

At a whopping 821 pages, this will keep my dad busy for quite awhile. 

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