Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thrifty Acres - From Grandma's Attic Part 3

Hello! For now, my last batch of thrifted finds to show off; all items came from local thrift stores. 

First up, craft supplies:

The illustration on the top of the package header shows other "basic foam shapes" with decoupaged surfaces. I'm thinking these tree shapes would look nice with photocopies of vintage Christmas cards decoupaged on, then trimmed with vintage rickrack, buttons, beads, etc. 

The plain white surface of these flocked boot ornaments also cries out for decoration. 

Yes, your basic styrofoam balls, in small sizes - 1 1/2" diameter (back) and 1 1/4" diameter (front). Like the purchases in the two previous photos, I paid 35c for each package. Craft styrofoam has gone up in price due to it being petroleum-based. Consequently, I look for cheaper pricing at the thrift stores. 

I don't know if Blue-Jay brand is really the best brand of craft chenille stems I can buy, but 50c for a large box of them is a good deal, especially since they are a nice rich red. 

Non-craft purchases:

Vintage tea towel for a quarter. No label on it, but it looks like it had never been used. 

Last purchase to show off:

Local readers will recognize this, the Eet Smakelijk cookbook. For those who aren't local and who aren't of Dutch background, the first inside page has the explanation: "In his native land, a Dutch host utters these words before each meal "Eet Smakelijk" Meaning to eat well and with taste". 

This cookbook is also labeled inside as being the official cookbook of Holland, MI and as a fundraiser for the Junior Welfare League of Holland. It is still sold locally, going for considerably more than the 50c I paid for my 1976 edition. And that 50c was an especially good deal since most local thrift stores consider it to be a collectible (even for much newer editions) and price it higher than other cookbooks.

My edition is huge, at nearly 590 pages, so not surprisingly I  found a number of good recipes. And for nostalgia's sake, the last chapter features recipes from then-popular Michigan-based celebrities and restaurants. Several of the celebrities are now deceased - and some of the restaurants are long gone as well. 

In honor of the late Gerald R. Ford's 100th birthday (being celebrated tomorrow at his museum in Grand Rapids), I ought to make the recipe his wife Betty had included - if I thought we'd like it! (For the record, her recipe is for Ruby-Red Grapefruit Chicken).


  1. I have my aunt's copy of Eet Smakelijk and refer to it often. It's fun to read the local celebrity recipes too. Maybe a later more in depth blog posting? :)

  2. I was going to ask you if you had a copy as well. Did your baked Alaska recipe come from it? I'll have to ask you which recipes you've made from it.