Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifty Acres - Craft supplies

You may be wondering, "why 'Thrifty Acres'?" I'm labeling my thrifting adventures as such in honor of the supercenter which originated in my region (this chain is considered a pioneer of the supercenter concept). For many years, the words "thrifty acres" were part of the store's name, and when they celebrated the milestone of fifty years in business, their ads naturally trumpeted that it had been "fifty thrifty years."

So, with that out of the way, now about my thrifty years! You know you've got the thrifting bug when you visit a friend clear across the country while on summer vacation and while doing so, talk her into stopping at a local thrift store. She was a good sport about it - we did as I'd requested and here's what I bought:

 One look at this item and I could tell that it was a  European- style scrapbook or journal. The label on the inside cover proved that I was correct about its origin - it read Rossi, Florence, Italy. I paid $2.99 for it. When I got home, I goggled the Rossi name and learned that I actually have what the company calls a photo album - and current versions of this product sell for $95.00! 

Today I visited a thrift store in my town - it's a large store, housed in a former Big Lots. Needless to say with that large a  store there can be quite a variety of possibilities! Here's what I settled on:

Christmas stencil booklet from 1962 (still intact), 50 cents, a vial of vintage gold glitter, 25 cents and a bagful of the gold-painted wooden shapes as shown in the picture, $3.00 for the bag of 61. I love to use vintage items in my crafting so I hope to put these latest finds to good use at Christmastime - if not sooner!

(PS I got my first-ever camera only about a month ago, so it's still a learning curve for me. I hope to take better pictures as I go along!)


  1. Thrift stores are cool. Especially if there are cats inside the store.

  2. Ah yes, you must mean the thrift store run by our local Humane Society. I agree - cats inside thrift stores are cool!