Saturday, March 26, 2011

Made it - Easter egg crafts

Hello! Finally got around to putting out some Easter decorations earlier this week (hey, Easter's late this year!) and so I unpacked some Easter egg crafts I'd fiddled with last year. There might be similar crafts on the Internet but I came up with both ideas on my own. Both use styrofoam Easter egg shapes, pins, and fabrics or trims. 

Here's the first egg:

 I'd gotten some pretty fabrics at a rummage sale and cut strips of one of the fabrics to wrap around the egg from top to bottom. Pins hold the strips in place, then I pinned on vintage rickrack as well. Added a corsage pin on top for a nice touch. I used a stretchy fabric - a stiffer fabric won't lie as nicely when wrapped around the egg. 

Egg number two:

 I alternated two colors of vintage seam binding around the egg, then added vintage rickrack and a corsage pin. The seam binding didn't lay as flat on the egg as the stretchy fabric had, but still has a nice look. 

Both crafts were quick and easy to do, and look pretty. They can be hung up or arranged in baskets.

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