Thursday, March 17, 2011

Made it - felt flowers

Hello! Besides greeting cards, I like to try my hand at other crafts as well. Recently I picked up the December 2010 Better Homes and Gardens magazine at a thrift store and was interested in the feature on felt crafts. Felt is easy to work with and I have plenty of felt scraps left over from other projects. 

The article showed a lengthy felt flower garland wound around a staircase. I was not motivated to make that many felt flowers so instead I made a few to hang up in the bay window area of our house, using shades of blue and whites for the petals:

As the flowers are hung singly (with fishing line) instead of being strung into a garland, they don't exactly hang even. Some of the flowers have their backs facing the camera instead of their fronts. Oh well, it's still okay. I like to hang decorations from this bay window area - I've done felt butterflies, a heart garland and other seasonal decor. When I'm done hanging up my latest decorations there, I laughingly say that my installation (ie art gallery installation) is complete and show it off to my not-so-impressed husband and daughter.

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  1. Blue and brown go good together. (The blue flowers against the brown wall.)