Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to my very first post! I'm looking forward to having you come along for the ride. Stick around while I share craft projects, thrifty finds, recipes and who knows what else will pop up!

Now, you may be wondering - what's with "Cats From Mars"? Well, for starters, I just couldn't think of any other name to use, and secondly, I liked the story behind the title. 

My husband and his siblings, city kids that they are (Chicago), used to enjoy their weekend visits with their Uncle Bernie and Auntie Ann, who lived out in the country beyond the suburbs. During one such visit, they were driving around when Auntie Ann pointed to a small building by the side of the road and commented that the windows of the old schoolhouse were being repainted. My husband and his siblings looked around, expecting to see a structure the same size as their city school. What they saw instead, of course, was an old one-room schoolhouse that had been converted into a residence. In confusion, they asked who on earth would have gone to such a school. "Cats!" Uncle Bernie replied. "What kind of cats?" they asked, even more confused. "Cats from Mars!" he shot back. 

Thus, the name you now see on my blog! I always found this story hilarious, for I grew up in a small town in southeastern Michigan, where I commonly saw a couple of former one-room schoolhouses out in the countryside, and had read several stories in which children had attended such schools.  


  1. Hi! I like that story. I can't wait to see pictures of your art. I am familiar with your art because I happen to be your daughter. Don't put too many pictures of me!

  2. I told a lot of people about this today so maybe some of them will read it tonight.

  3. I love this story Aimee...and love the name! Can't wait to read more.