Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thrifty Acres - Ireland and Japan

Hello and Happy St. Patrick's Day! As far as I know, I don't have a drop of Irish blood in me, but was still able to find a garage sale item that has some green on it - and I didn't have to spend much green for it either:

I don't know what this cute little guy (3 1/2" tall) is supposed to represent, but with his pointy green hat and pointy green shoes, he looked like a lepruchan to me. I brought him home for good luck.

The original label is still on the back and reads: Murray Kreiss & Co. Copyright 1950 Made in Japan 

I paid $1.00 for him at a garage sale run by some antique dealers last year and thought that was a pretty good price. A quick Internet search on Murray Kreiss figurines from the same era showed prices higher than a dollar (thought admittedly still not very high). 

Having been made in Japan, this figurine brings me to the events of the past several days in Japan. The destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami - the ongoing nuclear threat - the loss of life - those who are still trying to learn the fate of missing loved ones - I hardly know how to begin expressing my sorrow over all that has happened thus far. Life as many in Japan knew it has disappeared and I am praying for the well-being of all people there. As with any big tragedy, I feel very helpless.

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  1. Happy St. Pat's. I wore green to celebrate. In elementary school I hated green and people pinched me when I didn't wear it.