Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thrifty Acres - today's purchases

Thrift store pickings have been slim lately, so I had high hopes for a church rummage sale in a nearby town today. Turns out the the pickings were slim there as well, but I did make one fifty cent purchase:

This is a vintage apron and although it shows slight wear, is basically in good shape. It is pieced together very nicely at both the top and bottom - those white strips with the blue were sewn far more neatly than I would have done! The apron is hung up in my kitchen. 

I stopped at a thrift store on the way home. This one can be a real hit-or-miss place, but I was happy with my purchase today:

Don't know how old the two tins are, but I liked the cheery colors, the design on the decals and the blue knobs on the lids. I will use these for display and/or storage. I paid $1.75 for the pair.

The McCall's pattern is from 1968 and was never used. It features patterns for Christmas crafts to be made from felt or paper. Groovy designs from the era. I paid fifty cents for the pattern; a check on the Internet when I came home showed listings on Etsy from nine to 15 dollars.

Magazines can be a great buy at thrift stores - just know that it can be "buyer beware". By that, I mean that someone may have torn out some pages for their own use and then donated the rest of the magazine to a thrift store. (IMO,  once you've torn something out of a magazine, then throw it out or recycle it - don't donate it). 

For 25 cents each, I got a Holiday 2010 Traditional Home, a September/October 2010 Cloth Paper Scissors and a summer 2008 100 Decorating Ideas Under $100. I was especially pleased to find the CSP magazine since it rarely shows up at thrift stores - it's more the kind of magazine that is kept for reference. 

If you're a thrifter as well, I hope you've found some good stuff today too!


  1. I found the April '11 issue of Romantic Homes for $2.50. It wasn't very good, which makes me VERY happy that I did not pay full price!
    LOVE your yellow tins!

  2. Nice pictures. Glenda from church says hi.

  3. Love those yellow tins...especially the blue knobs on top of that sunny yellow color. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thrifting!