Monday, November 25, 2013

Thrifty Acres: Tis The Season

Hello! Christmas just one month away from today, so what better time to show off some vintage goodies I found last week at thrift stores?

Some of the cuter designs from a package of assorted stickers. Love the grinning snowmen! This set probably dates from the late 1950's. 

Elfin Christmas ornament made with felt, pipe cleaners, gold trim and spun cotton head. Cute!

This little guy shares room with a candy cane and some greenery - in what looks to be a glittery golden slipper. Not sure why the slipper, but it's all good anyway. 

More spun cotton heads:

Angels, and

Snowmen. Both sets of figures are only about 2" high, so they were probably used as gift tie-ons, or maybe as ornaments for tabletop trees. 

And from Hallmark, this small (not quite 5x7) volume:

I didn't see a date listed in the publication, but an eBay seller said it's from 1964. 

Close-up of the cover:

I love that red plaid jacket; what I call the vintage LL Bean look. 

Unfortunately, not all the images inside are as charming as the cover, and some of the photos are in boring black and white. But one such photo spread - and its accompanying poem - is worth showing here:

A young child's lament about being too bundled up to do much of anything: Mom bundled me up in a big snowsuit/And I can't bend over to buckle my boot:/I can't pull my scarf down to laugh or talk./Go out to play? I can't even walk! (Jan Miller)

In 1964, I was around the same age as this tyke appears to be in the photos, and I have seen family photos of us kids bundled up in much the same way! So this made me smile. 

Yes, my finds are all small in size - as were their price tags - but I consider them large in vintage cuteness! 

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