Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thrifty Acres: A Nice Problem To Have!

Hello! It's happened several times already this fall - on the days when the weather warrants it, I'll pull out some heavier-weight clothes to wear. But after pulling on a top or buttoning up one of my favorite flannel shirts, and zipping up a pair of pants, I'll notice that these garments, which fit fine last winter, now look too loose on me!

At first I thought some of the tops had merely stretched out of shape, but then it hit me - I have lost weight and inches since May, so these clothes are now too big. 

I bring this up not to sound vain, but to refute the ads out there that say women going through menopause (which I am) need to buy special supplements or whatever to lose weight. I have been following the "golden rules" (well, most of the time), as discussed in this post and they've worked well. I rarely feel deprived of anything - I just eat less! 

I exercise on a consistent basis as well. I can keep my weighted hula hoop up for 30 minutes or more at a time, though I usually do it for 10-20 minutes per session. I also lift weights and try to get some stretching in every day. I count things like yardwork, heavy-duty housecleaning, etc. as exercise too. 

So why is this post entitled "Thrifty Acres"? Well, other than the weighted hula hoop (which was reasonably priced, I felt), the book I discussed in the linked post was a thrift store find, as were my weight training books. And of course, there's no gym fees involved in doing yardwork and housecleaning. 

I'll be needing to buy some new clothes in a smaller size, it appears - but the thrift stores will come to the rescue! I hate to part with some beloved garments, but I hated carrying around that extra weight even more. 


  1. Thanks! Of course, if I'd never gained the weight to begin with, I wouldn't have this problem, but what's done is done. It's nice to see a downward trend now!