Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thrifty Acres - A Glorious Fall In Maine

Hello! As fall begins winding down, I'll pay homage to the season as it's celebrated in all its glory in Maine.

My one and only trip to Maine thus far happened one August, and we were  barely in the state, so it hardly even counts as a visit there. So how do I know that the fall season is glorious in Maine? Why, I just looked through a recent thrift store acquisition, a vintage Maine Vacation Guide. I love vintage travel ephemera, so I was a happy camper when I found this (no pun intended).

Couldn't find a publication date, but judging from the family seen below, I'd guess the guide is from the late 1950's, give or take a few years:

My folks had a suitcase much like the one the woman is carrying. 

The Maine Vacation Guide obviously predates hunter's orange.

Looks like a great spot for a picnic!

But so does this lakeside scene. It may not be visible in the photo, but both adults are wearing flannel shirts - wonder if L L Bean supplied the shirts? 

Courteous as the warden may have been, I wonder if he was thinking to himself, "Stupid out-of-staters gotta come here to do their hunting - hope they don't trash our state!"

To the victor belongs the spoils:

Here, not only do we see a buck pole - but "a black bear to boot!" And lots more red plaid flannel as well, including a rather loud pair of pants seen on the gentleman at the right. 

For another kind of hunting, we have this:

According to the above copy, "On highways and byways, antique shops will have marked their wares with attractive end-of-season prices." This sentence made me wish I could go back in time to scoop up some of those wares with their end-of-season prices myself! Whatever the antique shops were selling in Maine back then must surely have skyrocketed in price since. 

And in the above photo, you can see why fall is glorious in Maine - after all, the Maine Department Of Economic Development (they're the ones who put out this booklet) said so, and they should know! Right? 

Who knows, maybe I'll take a real trip to Maine sometime - but until then, I can just enjoy the Maine Vacation Guide!




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