Saturday, November 30, 2013

Job Jar - Month #11

Hello! November is fast drawing to a close, so once again it's time to report on how my Job Jar project went this month. Thanksgiving travel wiped out a couple of job jar days, but other than that, I kept on task. 

I drew "declutter a set of holiday decorations" one day this month, so logically decided to go through the Thanksgiving decorations. I guess I no longer need to keep the Pilgrims-and-Native Americans kiddie crafts from back issues of Family Fun magazine, so out those went, along with a few decorations I no longer use. 

I'd deliberately included several decluttering tasks in my job jar, figuring these would force me to pick up around the house. I ended up decluttering several times during the month, so mission accomplished! 

Also cleaned the refrigerator and the open shelving area above the stove. Before I initiated the job jar system, these two chores were often left until they became so gross I couldn't ignore them anymore. But now that they're cleaned more frequently, I have learned that it's easier to complete these tasks each time I do them. Of course, I should have realized this a long time ago, but I tend to be a lazy housekeeper.

I was mindful of giving out compliments and of being a good neighbor - nice to focus on others in these ways. 

I did aromatherapy, used my paraffin wax kit, looked through an old cookbook, studied my camera manual and more. 

I practiced drawing several times, wrote poetry, and completed some craft projects. "Have flowers in the house", drawn on a Saturday, had me going to the Farmer's Market to see if any flowers were still available on November 9th. Lo and behold, one vendor was selling a "flower" of sorts: ornamental kale on its thick stem. Stripped of most of its leaves, it resembled a large, ruffled-petaled flower. Close enough! And a bargain to boot - a dollar per stem, and my "flower" lasted over a week before the leaves started to show their age. I'd never noticed ornamental kale being sold this way before, but thanks to my job jar task that day, I learned something new!

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