Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrifty Acres - Thrift Where You Can!

Hello! I admit it, I'll thrift wherever I can, even when I'm traveling. Just think of it as a more interesting form of the souvenir shop! 

Made a whirlwind trip this past Friday and Saturday to pick up our daughter from a summer science camp in west-central Indiana(where she and her partners won "Best Teamwork" for their research project efforts, I'm proud to say). I had my eyes peeled the whole time for thrifting opportunities, but my husband and daughter tended to be uncooperative of such endeavors. And admittedly, we didn't have a lot of time either. 

 We spent Friday night in the Indianapolis area, very close to a Salvation Army thrift store and a Goodwill outlet store. I've never been to the latter type of store, so it would have been fun to check it out, but I didn't get up in time Saturday morning to do so.

We drove north toward home, stopping for lunch at a Burger King in Rochester, IN. And what was adjacent to the BK? A Goodwill thrift store - not only that, but the big sign outside advertised that it was a 50% off day. I've heard of Goodwills having such sales, but the ones in our area don't. They just recently added 50% off tag color day for Mondays, but that's it for their sales. 

Well, I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass by. Fortunately our daughter eats slower than I do, so I had a few minutes to head over to the Goodwill. 

I'm glad I did, for I found this kit:

I could tell by the packaging - for one thing, it hailed from the UK - that this was from a small company, not some mass-produced number. With the half-off sale, it was a grand total of 80c plus tax. The kit had never been opened, and the five pieces of wool blend would have certainly cost more than 80c alone if bought at a fabric or craft store. 

I checked on the company, Paper And Strings, and found it listed on Etsy. As it's in the UK, the prices for the kits and shipping were given in pounds, with USD equivalents included. I learned that the kit sells for around $16.11 USD, with shipping coming out to $6.75 USD. Thus, I paid 80c for something that would have cost me almost $23.00 on Etsy.

I can tell that these will be fun and easy to make, and I can use them as gifts or little decorative pieces around the house. And with the enclosed pattern, I can always more if I want with my own materials. 

So you see, it's worth it to be on the hunt for thrifting opportunities whenever one goes!


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