Thursday, July 5, 2012

Get Carded - Birthday Cards

Hello! My family is so large, we get together and celebrate a bunch of birthdays by the seasons; hence yesterday there was recognition of the late spring/summer birthdays. A few of my handmade greeting cards follow:

A niece turns two early next month. Her greeting card is made of white card stock, art paper pieces, a vintage children's playing card and a rubber-stamped "happy birthday" greeting in azure StazOn ink. This young miss has recently joined the family via international adoption, so this was the first card I've made for her. Meeting her was a very exciting event!

My oldest niece is more than 20 years older than this new niece, so of course her birthday card is more sophisticated in appearance:

White card stock, off-white art paper, gift shape of hand-decorated paper (made by a friend, and the gift shape was cut from a scrapbook template purchased at a thrift store), "wish" and "Happy Birthday" stamped onto card stock scraps with black StazOn ink, red marker outline, ribbon piece. 

One family member actually had his birthday yesterday - my dad turned 90 then. Here's his card:

White card stock, stars cut from hand-decorated papers (given to me by a friend, and the star shapes were cut from scrapbook templates purchased at a thrift store),  "star" cut from a vintage phonics flashcard, and "90" photocopied from a vintage multiplication flashcard (I prefer to use the originals, but the numbers were too big in scale to be used on the card). 

Green predominated because that's my dad's favorite color, but this card would also be great in red, white and blue. I love the funky star shapes! This card was the easiest to put together of the three, and I think it turned out the best.


  1. Your handmade cards are works of art! I LOVE them!
    Especially that top one. I've been hoarding old playing/game cards for a long time - now I'm inspired to actually use them.

  2. Thanks for the compliment - I enjoy making them and get a kick of using my stash of vintage game cards this way.