Saturday, July 14, 2012

Red, White And Blue Decor

Hello! The 4th of July has come and gone, but I still have my red, white and blue decor up. I like the summery feel of these colors, so I decorate with red, white and blue from June through August. I have a mix of secondhand finds and a few things I've made. 

I found this Silvestri piece for two bucks at a thrift store; I believe it originally would have sold for around twenty dollars. 

These crocheted potholders were priced at a ridiculously low 25c apiece at a thrift store and were in perfect condition. Not only did they make me smile, but the colors are perfect for my summer decor!

I altered a vintage bingo card.

I found a set of red, white and blue quilt squares at an out-of-the-way flea market in Indiana several years ago. I cut them up to make the hanging ornaments you see above.

I do seasonal decorations for my reproduction feather tree, so here is the summer look. 

I found the small vintage dolls at a garage sale in Indiana several years ago; paid a quarter apiece.

I paid $3.00 for this French sailor doll at a thrift store last year. He had a handwritten price tag considerably more than that, which led me to believe that he had been made for a craft show. Very well made! 

I paid a quarter each for the embroidered dishcloth and for the 1960's kit that yielded the little doll that I made; it's standing next to the French sailor doll. 

Vintage bridge tally card, 10c at a rummage sale, and embroidered teal guest towel, $2.00 at an antique store in Calumet, MI. (it didn't have the water stain on it when I purchased it).

Vintage wooden plaque, 50c at a garage sale.

A craft project I made a couple of summers ago, using wooden blocks, a variety of papers (some vintage, some not), lace trims, vintage pipe cleaners, hearts cut out from fabric scraps and small paper flags.

A page from A. E. Staley's Childrens' Party Book, dated 1935. Purchased for 50c at a garage sale in Montoursville, PA a few years ago. 

A windsock I'd crafted several years ago, using directions from a womens' magazine. I happened to have everything on hand at the time to make the windsock, including the fabric flag panel. 

I found this Uncle Sam wall-hanger decoration for $3.00 at a thrift store last year. 

And finally, the latest addition to my red, white and blue decor - I made this ornament earlier in the day, adapted from the 1974 Family Circle Christmas Helps magazine, which I purchased for a quarter at a thrift store last year. The two red, white and blue fabric sections were from my mom's fabric stash; in fact, I think the plaid fabric dates from the 1970's too. Not sure, but my mom might have used it to make herself a pantsuit.

I sewed vintage snaps on for eyes and glued a piece from an old earring on top. (The original directions had button eyes and embroidery floss loops for hair.) 

Although it's sad that my mother is no longer around, I'd like to think that she's happy that I'm using her fabrics.


  1. I love your "patriotic" and other "red, white & blue" decor. So cheerful! Yes! I think your mom would be quite pleased that you are honoring her in this way by using her fabric around your home. I loved the pillowcase edging in your previous post too and thanks for showing it to me in person.

  2. Thanks, Miss KC! The 4th of July is extra-special in my family because it's my dad's birthday. Thus, I wanted to "include" my mom this year by using some of her fabrics.

    I'm glad you liked the pillowcase edging! I was thrilled with that thrift store fabric find; I'm going to enjoy using those fabrics in future projects as well.

  3. I like the doll you made from a kit. I think I remember when you made it, but I could be thinking of something else.