Saturday, July 7, 2012

Get Carded - Birthday "Fun"

Hello! Our daughter turned 17 today, so of course that meant another card was made this week:

This goofy-looking card is the kind I'd probably always make, except that not everyone may like this style. Not sure if our daughter does, actually, but she's used to me foisting these kinds of cards on her. 

As I told her, everything used to craft the card is older than her except for the white card stock base, the "happy birthday" rubber stamp and the black StazOn ink. 

The vintage elements include:

Image of a woman cut out of the magazine dated from 1952. The woman is so excited because Dreft dishwashing liquid had gotten her dishes so clean (she was holding a shiny-looking pot in the ad).   

The large and small "fun" words were cut from a 1959 phonics flashcard. 

The smaller sayings with the word "fun" in them were all cut from the same 1973 catalog.

The number 17 was cut from a vintage bingo card; year unknown but the illustration on the box makes me think it's from the 1950's. 

I had a lot of fun making this card! It took a bit of time to hunt for just the right image of a person having fun, but what I found fit the bill very nicely. 

If you make your own greeting cards, I hope you have fun doing so as well!


  1. Love it! I'm sure she will cherish this handmade memories. I hardly ever go to Hallmark anymore since I started making cards and I think people appreciate them more.

  2. I never go to the Hallmark stores anymore either - making cards is a lot more fun! Thanks for stopping by!