Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Made It - From Plain Jane To Patchwork

Hello! Last fall I scored a boxful of fabric pieces for quilting, described HERESince then, I've used some of the pieces here and there, mostly for a few yo-yo's. But after seeing new quilting fabrics used to make decorative edgings for pillowcases, I decided to try a simplified version using my fabric find. 

Found a pair of white pillowcases at a thrift store for 50c/pair; I was told they had been donated by a local hotel. They were very plain Jane, as you can see:

But with a little patchwork, plain Jane became pretty cute:

I used greens and pinks to match my comforter. Needless to say, this was very easy to do, and I had the fun of going through those fabric pieces again to pick out the ones I wanted to use. 
I could dress this up further by adding rickrack trim, buttons, etc (these pillowcases are meant to be decorative; the pillowcases that came with our sheet sets are the ones used for sleeping on.)I'll see if I feel like doing anything more, but for now I'm pleased with how this project turned out!


  1. Very cute! You are sure getting some mileage out of that box of fabric.

  2. Thanks! And yes, I'd like to think that those fabric pieces found their way to a good home (mine).