Sunday, February 19, 2012

Holidays - Better Late Than Never!

Hello! Had a nice Valentine's Day, but never got around to blogging about it last week! Unfortunately, I realized too late that I had forgotten to take a picture of our traditional Valentine's Day dinner entree: heart-shaped pizzas (mushroom for my husband and pepperoni for me). I just took pizza dough and after rolling it out, formed it into heart shapes, then topped as usual. They baked up really nice and were delicious!

However, I do have several photos to show off, beginning with the cards I made for my husband and daughter:

The above was for my husband - supplies used: white cardstock, painted-over art paper, heart cut from vintage science textbook, heart cut from painted vintage ledger paper, vintage shank button, dark red ribbon and word cut from mid-1960's era school worksheet. My husband teaches engineering, so the heart from the old textbook was perfect. I told him he should take this card to class to show his students the kind of Valentines he gets from me. They would probably think him lucky! :)

Our daughter got this card:

Supplies used: white cardstock, copy of page from vintage book of children's songs, red art paper piece, heart cut from vintage playing card, vintage fabric yo-yo and word cut from mid-1960's era school worksheet. 

I have mentioned in the past that I have a tabletop-sized reproduction feather tree that I change with the different seasons and holidays. Some of the Valentine-themed decorations on it came from the same group of talented artist friends that made the cards I blogged about in this post.  Their talents are evident in this photo:

Vintage valentine decoupaged onto a wooden heart, and:

 An ATC that spells out love!

My own creative effort is on display below:

This is the same fabric I had used to make the angel shown here. For my heart, I made running stitches with dark red embroidery floss and added a vintage button and a vintage rickrack hanger. I think it turned out very well. 

Of course, some of my decorations were from secondhand sources, like this doll I use as a treetopper:

She's seen better days, but for a quarter at a garage sale, I couldn't complain. I love the hearts and ruffle on her skirt. She's 8" tall, but I don't have any information on her. 

The same thrift store that priced a handmade witch doll at $3.00 put the same price on this 18" doll:

This angel is probably meant for Christmas display, but I thought that all that red and off-white could represent Valentine's Day just as well! Besides, I didn't purchase her until after Christmas was over. As with the witch doll, someone had spent a lot of time and effort on her, and the cost of materials alone was more than the thrift store price. I wonder if she'd been a gift that someone didn't want? Well, their loss was my gain.

And so ends this better-late-than-never post! 

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