Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thrifty Acres - St. Patrick's Day

Hello! I'm not Irish, but when I spied a bag of vintage St. Patrick's Day decorations for only $2.00 at an antique mall near Marshall, IL several years ago, I snapped it up  - and thus had another holiday to decorate for!

And here are some of the vintage goodies that were in that bag:

A hair clip.

A bridge tally card. One of a handful in the bag.

Shamrocks - cardboard and flocked paper. They have long wired stems, so these two, among the several mates in the bag, make nice decorations on my tabletop feather tree.

Carnation made out of delicate plastic petals - Made In Japan paper label still attached to the stem. Too bad there was only one of these.

Vintage greeting cards are charming no matter what the holiday!

This shamrock is made from several layers of a thin, napkin-like paper. I'm guessing it was a coaster. One of several in the bag.

More of the cardboard shamrocks, gracefully hanging from our dining room chandelier.

All in all, a nice purchase at a very nice price!


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