Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eats - Springtime Cookies

 Hello! Our daughter needed to bring in cookies for her school's blood drive today and requested that I make sugar cookies. This was easily done using the recipe HERE.

Then came the decorating fun; I brought out a variety of pastel-colored sprinkles for a springtime look. Some of the sprinkles I have are shaped liked flowers and even miniature Easter eggs - a perfect look this time of year.

Here's how the cookies turned out:

Bunny with Easter egg sprinkles.

Flower sprinkles.

Our daughter did a very nice job decorating the above cookie - doesn't it look just like something you'd see at a bakery?

The tin of cookies awaits transport to the school, where I hoped they will be enjoyed by the blood drive donors. 

I only had one trouble with the making of these cookies: the ear portion was a little delicate, which led to the accidental breaking-off in spite of our careful handling. These cookies had to be set aside for us to eat at home - gee, what a shame!