Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Made It - Crafting Past and Present

Hello! Wanted to give a small gift to someone who'd done a favor  recently, so with Easter coming up, this bunny will be hopping her way:

The bunny, which stands 8 1/2" high, was made of muslin, then stuffed and decorated with scraps of fabric and fiber. Facial features were added with a Sharpie marker and pink blusher. The pattern, which was a thrift store find, didn't call for the heart or the "neckwear", but I added both to dress up the bunny some more. 

Now all I have to do is make a thank-you card and I'll be ready to send the gift out. 

The bunny rests on a hand-embroidered tablecloth I bought over 20 years ago in Steven Point, WI. I visited a garage sale where a couple of women were selling their deceased mother's things, including the tablecloth the mother had made. I think I paid all of two dollars for it! It made me very sad that these women had not wanted to keep the tablecloth in the family, but that was their business. I use the tablecloth to cover up one of those inexpensive round tables (the kind with three legs that are screwed into the top). I think it adds a nice touch to the corner of our dining room.

Here's a close-up of the embroidery work:

It's not fancy stitching (it wasn't meant to be), but I liked the colors, and of course, I couldn't beat the price!

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  1. Love the bunny! You are so talented and brave taking on this "stuffies".