Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thrifty Acres - The Winter That Hasn't Been

Hello! Winter weather has been quite unusual thus far in these parts. For example, on Sunday we got at least 8" snow - only to see most of it melt away yesterday when we got up into the 50's - a full 23 degrees warmer than our normal high for the date. This is how it's been the whole winter - a snowstorm comes in, followed by a prolonged period of milder and often sunny weather. 

Not dreaming that January was going to be so mild, I put up my winter decor at the beginning of that month. Now that it's February and time to put up Valentine's Day decorations, I figured I'd show off my indoor winter scene before I put them away. 

A friend in Wisconsin made this jolly trio for me. 

I mentioned finding this snowman container in this postHe was a good find!

Above are shown some of the ornaments on my winter-themed feather tree. I made the sequined skate ornament years ago from a yard sale craft kit. My late mother-in-law created the crocheted snowflakes. The metal snowflake and the snowman on skates were thrift store finds. 

My husband gave me the blue and gold ornament in my Christmas stocking one year; purchased at a fair trade store. The wooden snowman ornament is from Steinbach, a German company, and was purchased, along with the wooden snowman seen on the table behind it, in the same bag described here.

I think that the above is a pretty scene! The larger snowflakes were purchased at a thrift store in late December; I think I paid 50c for the set of six. The smaller snowflakes hanging below them are more from the set my mother-in-law gave me one Christmas over 20 years ago. I hung these snowflakes from the dining room chandelier.

I'll end with a close-up of one of the crocheted snowflakes. Isn't it beautiful? Although real snowflakes are beautiful as well, I'm glad they have currently been more scarce than usual!


  1. I like the snowflakes that hang from the chandelier, especially the ones with glitter.

  2. Yes, those are very pretty, aren't they? I really like how these two kinds of snowflakes look together!